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We are a family-run enterprise with a long tradition in the bodywork and automotive engineering sector. Our company was established in the year 1907 as a wheelwright and cartwright business manufacturing wagon wheels, carriages and farm carts.

It steadily developed and, over the years, specialized in the construction of bodywork for all categories of commercial and logistic vehicles. This valuable fund of experience, built up in more than a hundred years of intensive effort, has been maintained and expanded over three generations.

.Just as the manufacturing shops and office building
were continually enlarged to accommodate the ever
growing range of products, the size of our staff
increased too.

heÜbergabe der Ehrenurkunde der Handwerkskammer Lüneburg-Stade anlässlich der 100-Jahr-Feier an die Geschäftsführer der Willenbrock Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Hermann und Hajo Willenbrock
Presentation of the Lüneburg-Stade Chamber of Commerce award for outstanding performance to the managing directors of Willenbrock Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Hermann und Hajo Willenbrock, on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Today, a team of 30 dedicated and
excellently trained specialists is available to serve
our customers. The competence and experience of our
staff place us in the unique position of being able to
fulfill both the high demands of modern technology
and the requirements of today’s customers.

Our firm is characterized by a successful mixture of
tradition and advanced technology, of quality and

Belegschaft der Willenbrock Fahrzeugbau GmbH
The staff of Willenbrock Fahrzeugbau GmbH

BeSt Quality AND HIGH Standards

Our wide product range comprises the manufacture of complete vehicle bodies for all types of businesses, including all special equipment required by the end user, as well as the production of sandwich elements for other manufacturers.

All our products fulfill the highest standards and are of outstanding quality.

Our vehicle bodies and components consist of highest quality sandwich panels which we manufacture using a specially designed press. Our capability of fulfilling the requirements and specifications of our customers is therefore practically unlimited.
We are thus also enabled to realize ideas and innovation originating in our own company. Using a specially developed sealing system, we can incorporate doors and covers into our sandwich panels in such a way that paintwork and lettering of the finished vehicle is not interrupted by aluminum profile strips and seals. Apart from many other types of aluminum profile we have developed the Wi-Klick-System which enables vehicle body elements to be assembled simply and securely.

Werkstatt und Montagehalle
Assembly workshop